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Zion and Bryce Under the Weather

We are here in Zion to hike the terrain but the bug has struck me down , the sore throat started a day ago and the rain started as well so the first day here was spent in bed with drugs as my companion . Bruce dragged me out on day two to see the sights of Bryce Canyon, I must say I was not good company as I slept most of the way to Bryce Canyon and Bruce was a little concerned as I never ever sleep during the day , and he was even more worried when I wasn’t snapping pics with my phone . “YOUR NOT RIGHT HE SAID ” no I’m a little under the the weather , it’s a shame because there was plenty to see .

These amazing formations are called Hoodoo’s they are formed when an alpine dessert is involved with freezing , thawing and freezing again . This phenomenon is unique to Bryce Canyon and if I had been feeling ok we would have hiked down between these wonderful structures , every one was different , but this is how I looked NOT A PRETTY SIGHT !

I was feeling a little better the last day , so we managed to do a few walks back in Zion , but I was pacing myself because of continual coughing , but we got there !

So now our tour of these iconic national parks has ended . We woke this morning and headed back to LA for our flight back to Vancouver. It’s amazing we left Zion at 7.30am and we had crossed four states bt 10am , Utah, Nevada, Arizona and California , and I’m still coughing !!! . I think it’s time to go home .

I have to finish with the wildlife though , I could hug all these little deer and the wild turkeys were amazing . So now off to LA .

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