Manyana Dreaming

The life and travels of the Kemp Family

Navajo Country

We had a rather a long drive a few days ago to reach Monument Valley . The valley sits on the Arizona , Utah border which proved to be a bit difficult time wise ,as one state is on daylight savings and the other not ,therefore phone clocks and car clock are constantly changing .

We left Sedona and travelled north via Flagstaff , up the highway through Navajo Land with a couple of short detours . One was to Sunset Crater to see what remained of a volcanic eruption one thousand years ago and the other detour was out to The Grand Canyon which was only 27miles off the highway .

Above is one of many Grand Canyon snaps we took

We arrived at Monument Valley late in the afternoon , it’s quite unusual as this is not a National Park and is totally run by the Navajo people so it definitely has a different feel to it . The 17 mile drive through the park is on a rough dirt road and Indian Hawkers set up stands to either sell food , sell horse rides , sell horse photos ,or sell trinkets all in the midst of this stunning scenery . We had two nights here . Bruce was in his element as so many cowboy movies that he watched as a child have been shot in this park ,and it is said that it was one of John Wayne’s favourite places . There is also a famous scene from Forrest Gump shot just outside the park

Above , a bit Of Indian ingenuity, selling there wares .

Above is a pic of where the Forrest Gump scene was shot .

We sampled the local dish which is called Indian Bread or Navajo Bread , which they deep fry to serve either as a Taco , Hamburger or as a dessert with honey and powdered sugar .

So now from here we head further on up into Utah to experience Zion National Park .

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