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The life and travels of the Kemp Family

Cactus’s and More

As we head our way east from California, across some incredible inhospitable desert countryside, to our amazement , we watch the countryside slowly change as we roll along mile after mile. Into Arizona touching on the old famous Route 66 towards Flagstaff , and at this point where there is still snow on the ground , it’s hard to believe what we discovered within a short drive south towards Phoenix

Margy Ann found here holy grail of cactus’s , saguaro cacti this size are approximately 150 years old. We found this old trail off the road near Black Canyon City ( believe me it was no city)

They are amazing to see in there natural environments, Margy was so moved , she even tried hugging this old one.

From here we settled into the most beautiful town and area called Sedona. A most incredible setting for a town , surrounded in every direction by rock formations and cliffs of deep reds and ochre colours.

In every direction, the scenery is stunning.

We have set off on a few of the trails that are all around the town and surrounding areas, the photo above is known as Cathedral rock. There is virtually hundreds of hiking trails and mountains to climb. It’s not in anyway remote, all these trails and spectacular rock formations are all situated with houses and properties adjacent.

Bell rock in the distance, while I await the vibe of energy from the vortex ( local claim of vortex’s at this spot ) that have enhancing powers of energy and wellness ??

Don’t know about the vortex claims. But is definitely a great place to sit back and enjoy the views.

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