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The life and travels of the Kemp Family

Pretty Palm Springs

After spending a few days up in the desert high country we headed down to Palm Springs for the day ,and to our surprise we really enjoyed it . It truly is an oasis in the desert , lots and lots of palm trees , manicured lawns and a real tropical feel .

These palms truly look at home in this environment and all have beautifully trimmed skirts , they are the real showpiece of this town .

We strolled the main strip , had a great lunch of quesadillas, washed down with a Margarita ( sadly only one )

We then had a bit of a drive around Las Palmas which was apparently Home to all the stars at one time .

What we really liked was that nearly all these homes were single story and all beautifully kept

There are no high rises in Palm Springs it is only the palms that display there grandeur . It is a true oasis in the desert .

We also visited the famous Cactus Gardens which were quite a suprise. I could share endless snaps of my favourites but will restrict it to one

Or maybe two !

It was a great day and a great place to visit , put Palm Springs on your list

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