Manyana Dreaming

The life and travels of the Kemp Family

We Say La Jolla , but they say La Hoya

Well we are on the road again, we travelled from Sunpeaks to Kamloops , Kamloops to Vancouver , Vancouver to Los Angeles , and all that took a whole day . As Bruce says ,that happens when you put an airport in your day and we put three .

We spent the night in LA and picked up a car the next morning , so now we are in La Jolla which is just north of San Diego.

We have been staying in this B&B which was built in 1913 , it’s just one street back from the beach , so we have gone from snow to sand and cold to warm .

We are here for some outlet shopping down on the Mexican Border and to try a few Mexican dishes . The highlight here though has been the Seals , it is what they call pupping season and all the seals come ashore with their babies which means the beaches are closed to the public , the seals have it all to themselves for a couple of months

Honestly you could sit and watch them all day , mothers chasing babies , babies riding on mother’s backs and generally lying around relaxing .

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