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Top of The World

Well, that’s what they call the top of Mt Todd at Sun Peaks. At this point you stand 2,150 m high. The ski area is all below this height , and we ski all three mountains which all head back to 1250 m in the valley village.

A rare photo of (me) enjoying the sunlight and scenery off the Top of the World. There has been so much snow , and there has been some awesome skiing up here every day. We have had some mornings down around -17c to -19c this week up here , which has kept the ski shops in business with Margy Ann purchasing more and more equipment to survive this global warming. It suppose to be spring!!!!!

Margy skiing back down toward the village. It must be time for coffee and some amazing pastries from Conrad & Elizabeth at Bolacco Cafe.

The following little clip is Margy’s happy place, a 7 kilometre long run, not another skier in sight, dry powder snow groomed to perfection, sunshine, oh yes! There is a smile under that helmet.

We are getting towards the end of our 12 days here at Sun Peaks. Heading off to USA for road trip this coming Friday

Will keep in touch

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2 thoughts on “Top of The World

  1. Wow! Great skiing and what beautiful conditions. A tad chilly though!

  2. Glen on said:

    I thought you said it was crowded?

    Sent from my iPhone

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