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Au Revoir France

Well, that’s about it. Eight weeks on the road have tonight, come to its conclusion. Eight weeks of a suitcase I never want to see again. My favourite boots, I never want to see again. What once was my best socks , I have worn holes in them and have been discarded to the bin ( never to be seen again )Eight weeks of washing clothes in sinks and bath tubs, I don’t need to do again. Home now to many people we miss and do want to see again. It’s been quite an adventure, we met some very interesting people, encountered and explored some incredible places.

To finish off the last few days in Paris, with its Christmas festivities on show, it’s a great way to finish our trip

Margy ann in the lane next to our hotel in St German Paris

What now has become our accepted French breakfast. Cafe creme, croissant, baguette and jam

One more selfie by the Louvre

And finally to me this is Paris. Walking home to the hotel after lunch today, to head of to CDG Airport for trip home.

I looked down this strangely almost empty street ( the buildings, the bikes, the chairs of the cafe lined up) that’s Paris!!

See you all soon

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2 thoughts on “Au Revoir France

  1. Don’t worry Bruce, there will be plenty of time for you to do the washing when you get home whilst Margy-Ann puts her feet up!! (As if ….). I will miss your blogs. They have been exciting to read and the photos have only whetted out appetite to re-visit France again. Hope to see you soon.

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