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A Trip to Mont Ventoux

On previous visits to France we have always visited areas that are involved with a Tour De France , especially the mountain climbs . I think the scenery we have seen while watching the Tour back home is one of the reasons we keep coming back to France .

This trip , we wanted to climb Mont Ventoux , they say it is the holy grail for a cycle racer , but of course we do it in a car . It is still in Provence ,so we are staying in a small village nearby . Our host in our B&B told us in summer over 2,000 cyclists a day climb to the summit .

It’s a 24km climb but we had to stop 6kms from the top because the road was closed for the winter .

Maybe we will have to try another time .

Our host at the B&B is a great artist and she painted this selfie that her son took when he reached the top , apparently the sign was stolen not long after .

So down the mountain we went and we have spent the last two days enjoying the towns in this very rural part of Provence . With great tips from our hosts we have Criss crossed back and forth across the map .

Above and below is the Ochre town of Roussillon

Most of the villages around here are what they call Beaux Villages ( the most beautiful in France )

And today they became even more beautiful because we awoke to snow this morning . It was just picture perfect with a Roman bridge as well . What more could you want .

So tomorrow we leave these parts and head to Lyon and catch a train back to Paris , I must say I do love France . To finish this post I have another painting our host painted , I do know I have special friends that will enjoy this portrait .

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One thought on “A Trip to Mont Ventoux

  1. Spectacular scenery – particular the video of the snow dusted avenue of trees.

    Very artistic and gifted your B&B host is. Love those paintings.

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