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Aix and More

Hi all , we have been having a great 4 days here in Aix -en -Provence , we have used Aix as a base to set out on daily excursions . Aix is pretty enough on its own and xmas is all around .

Above is my friendly Frenchman blowing a kiss as he decorated a shop front with fresh fir tree . It’s been quite cold , temps from 2c to about 9c in the middle of the day .

We stroll through the centre of town at night and enjoy a Vin Chaud , before going out to dinner .

It’s quite a treat on these cold nights .

Yesterday we drove down to the coast to the town of Cassis , we enjoyed a lunch there and wandered the surrounds , there is a beautiful ruggedness to the coast line in this part of France .

Above: Pastis Gambbos , enjoyed by Bruce and below the landscape of Cassis .

Today we are up in some of the hillside towns of Provence which are renowned for the beauty ( they get an offical plaque ) they are mostly producers of Olives , Wine or Lavender in this part of the world .

Above : This is the village of Tourtour , five minutes after the above picture was taken an army troop carrier passed through here and I would say he exited with damaged antenna’s .

It was then onto the village of Moustiers-Sainte-Marie , this village is built into the side of a Gorge , it had everything as they do , history , beauty , bridges , waterfalls and more .

There was a waterfall running right down through this Gorge and under the bridge and at the the very top a small church , also suspended across the top of the Gorge was a star . Truly amazing .

Now we are back in Aix , heading down for a Vin Chaud and then off north tomorrow to take in more sights .

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  1. Such beautiful scenery.

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