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Into Provence

It’s been a enjoyable few days , slowly making our way across the lower parts of France into Provence.

We spent a day in Arles, a city that , for us is very interesting, as it is the town in which Van Gogh created so many of his masterpieces. We followed a trail through the town to where he painted his scenes. The one below was at the time the hospital he was in while recovering from cutting off his ear.

We are now in the town of Aix en Provence. We hope to take in some more regional activities, and off course , being his home town, a little look into the life and works of Cezanne.

On our arrival, we came directly into the start of the Christmas festivities, which open this weekend the 25-26 November

The main thoroughfare is Cours Mirabeau, it was a buzz and the entire length was lined with decorative Christmas stalls.

It’s the same the world over, kids and that magic of Christmas.

One of the fantastic regional traditions at Christmas is the collecting of foire aux santons. These are miniature figures of the lifestyles of people in Provence. It’s been a tradition to collect them since the 17th century.

The town itself away from the Christmas fair activities is really beautiful. There a over 20 natural thermal springs and fountains throughout the streets and squares. This is why the romans settled this town here in the 1 st century. Them romans certainly loved a bath.

These are just a couple we pass as we walk up to the Cours Mirabeau the Main Street .

Talk again soon.

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