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Millau! How Would You Pronounce That

I have wanted to come here in the previous visits to France, but it was always just not on our route to anywhere we had planned to travel. But on this trip, I made sure we where going to come across this section of France, and we are so glad we did.

Firstly, as the title suggests, there must be a catch in the way we (at least how Australians would pronounce it) would say the township of Millau. Think of a cat! Now say it MEE-OOW.

I wanted to see the highest bridge in the world, which spans the valley of the Tarn. It is two and half kilometres long, 343 meters high.

It is incredible, it crosses the valley floor with amazingly no environmental damage to the countryside below. Farms grow crops and livestock directly to the very inch of the pillars. This bridge is about three kilometres as the crow flys from where we are staying. Now from our Romanesque hilltop village , the views are amazing

We where so surprised when we arrived at this gite, here at Luzencon. Old roman ruins lay metres from our home , it is a one minute walk to get to inspect history just laying here as it has for centuries. Believe me , no one comes up our little lane to find these artefacts. Both Margy ann and I where happy to spend time here.

Along with the engineering marvel of seeing the bridge, the landscape is wonderful and scattered around the area are these ancient round buildings called Caselles. Huts for Shepard in medieval times.

The is our gite, while we are here

The tiny village on the hill in the middle ground is Luzencon. I really do love the smaller regional rural towns.

Au revoir from France, talk again soon.

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