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Let’s be Honest , there are moments .

As much as we are always telling you of all the wonderful things we have seen and done there are those moments we could kill each other , one wants to go right the other left .

A lot of things in travelling you learn by experience , a good thing is our “Sally Sat Nav ” as we call her or GPS . She saves the day most times ,but you have to be careful when you put in a town ,she always directs you to Centre -Ville , that can be dangerous and we’ve learnt the hard way . A lot of these towns are medieval and the closer you get to the centre the smaller the lanes become ( only designed for donkeys )

We have been caught a few times and have been snookered in corners you can’t get out of , lots of FFFFF ing , so now we park out of town and walk in , don’t we !!!

Another thing we have found difficult is the hours the French and Spanish keep ,especially regional towns . In France they open at 10am and close at 12noon , open again a 2pm , no one eats till around 9pm . It makes for a long day . The other day we got to a museum at 11am and they shooed us out 12 noon . We could not go back till 2pm . You don’t get to see many sights in a day when this happens .

In Spain they seem to close 12 noon and reopen around 4pm so again you miss out on seeing a lot and don’t expect to eat till 9pm , so you go to bed with a full belly .

Try sleeping after eating all these.

Then there is the disappointment when your looking forward to seeing the La Perouse Museum and you walk across town ,only to find its closed for the winter and the tourist information centre doesn’t let you know .

This has happened before in England at the Captain Cook Museum , must be something to do with sailors in winter .

Another challenge has been the showers , can’t they design one universal style , it’s difficult climbing in with glasses on to try and figure out how it works . One B&B host informed us that we left to much water on the floor , but he only had a hand shower in the bath and it flew around the room like a crazy snake every time you turned the taps on .

Today I think we turned the corner , no more fighting the system , we were having a transport day between Albi and Millau travelling through the Tarn Valley it was 12noon , on entering a tiny village we found the place we were recommended to eat , it was closed ( 12 noon you know ) so we backed our way out of that situation turned a corner and there were at least 20 little vans ( you need little vans in these towns ) . We both said ” this must be where you get lunch , so in we walked , it was full with men eating and talking , the lady owner showed us a table ” it’s a set menu ” she said and what an experience it was , 5 courses with bread and coffee and a pitcher of red wine all for 27 euros for 2 people and to top it off she sang opera beautifully while serving . So we’re learning to go with the flow, and have a tiny van ,they can go everywhere and you don’t have to worry about dinner at 9pm .

But fortunately the good out ways the bad and as we are nearing the end of our travels we can still come away with lots and lots good memories.

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One thought on “Let’s be Honest , there are moments .

  1. Even though some of the museums and other attractions might be operating on shorter opening hours, you looked like you picked the right time of the year to travel to Europe. So few tourists in your photos.

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