Manyana Dreaming

The life and travels of the Kemp Family

Lautrec , La Perouse and Albi

What do they all have in common , they all came from Albi. This is a beautiful medieval town which has been preserved, so we can still view these wonderful sights .

This city has the largest brick cathedral in the world and it creates a wonderful centrepiece for the city and is surrounded with beautifully preserved architecture

The famous navigator La Perouse came from Albi and there is a museum which tell of his life and his mysterious demise . He sailed into Botany Bay a few days after The English in 1788

The other man of note is Toulouse Lautrec , I am sure you will recognise his later work there is a example below.

But he also was classically trained like Picasso and started with works like this

These artworks are all housed in a museum given to the city of Albi by his family .

So , this was our day in and out of museums and churches , strolling the lovely streets all rugged up , as it never got passed 3c and ending it with a warm Vin Chuad in the centre of town

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