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Farewell Spain

We are sorry to say goodbye to Spain. Those two weeks just flew bye and now back to France.

There where many many thing we liked about Spain. The weather, the natural beauty, and the friendly people, one of the most impressive amongst many things was the coffee, the wine, and the beer. We never had a bad one. Food was a never ending assortment of ideas and inventions, predominantly ham, as they consume ham at a rate of over 15 kg per person per year.

Most kids have chuppa chups, but in Spain you have this

So now we head north over the Pyrenees back to France Via Andorra

We are lucky that after the snowfalls of a week ago have all been cleared, we got to drive over the mountain passes before they close fore the winter months and the tunnel through to France has to be used. The scenery was fairly spectacular.

Funny the service stations so high up on top of mountain passes but this one reflects the boarder of France and Andorra , so petrol prices are cheaper going into the Andorra side. Makes sense.

Talk soon.

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2 thoughts on “Farewell Spain

  1. Really enjoying reading your blogs. Such beautiful scenery and that food – can’t wait to hear more when you return.

  2. Ella would love those meat lollypops.

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