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Barcelona, We are Tired

It’s our last day in this beautiful city , as I sit here my feet are aching and it’s an effort to even get up , we have walked , walked and walked for the past 4 days . Our car has had a rest though relaxing down in the parking station .

We have seen everything Gaudi there is to see and it covers a big area of Barcelona .

This fantastic house he built for a wealthy family . It’s amazing inside and out .

This pic above is of a central atrium within the outer walls .

We spent hours walking through the Picasso museum , and admired the contrast in his works from his early days when he was a boy and classically trained till his style that had completely changed before he died .

Now that is a contrast , but still appealing I think .

We have also eaten our way around town and last night we enjoyed more Catalonian food .

It was great here in Barcelona , let’s hope they sort out there political issues , and can move on and be as vibrant and welcoming as they are now .

It’s back to the car tomorrow and over the mountains back to France , we are so lucky we have Sally Sat Nav to lead the way .

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