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Bruce in Barcelona, Who’s Gaudi?

Well my first day in Barcelona, out early to walk about 4 kilometres up to the La Sagrada Familia. This is a church.?

From this point that’s when my day turned into an education on one of the worlds geniuses of design and architecture.

It’s no church!! Well it is really, a basilica, but it’s more an expression of what you can do with a mind like Gaudi.

I will be honest, I had no knowledge of this gentleman, but to enjoy the vibe and buzz of Barcelona is indeed ingrained into their (out there) attitudes. The city has this quirky nature and Gaudi installed it into the ways he built and designed churches,apartment blocks, parks and houses. This block of apartments was built in 1905 and it is so amazing.

Margy ann and I toured this building known by locals as the stone quarry. It is La Pedregal , and amongst some amazing ideas for the time was instead of a roof just being a roof, with chimneys and air vents, he turn them in sculptures and made the roof a special place to relax.

His imagination, and his acceptance from his clients that wanted his designs,was way ahead of its time.

Here is another example of Gaudi renovation work to a building on the right, compared to a more traditional Spanish building of the time on the left.

As we walk the streets there always something to catch our attention. Margy ann surveying here option on ham for lunch

This is la Rambla, it’s one of a number of major pedestrian boulevards through Barcelona. This photo was taken Tuesday afternoon at about 4pm. This is the area that sadly experienced the terrorist attack with a van driving through this situation two months ago. Noticeably no barriers or bollards have been erected, life goes on , which is great to see.

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