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We have just finished our two night stay here in Alquezar , it a small village hugging the side of a large Gorge , built by the Moorish people in the 10th century , today it’s a great place for people to come and walk in this amazing scenery . The weather has been perfect and we took the opportunity to hike down and through the Gorge . 

We hiked down to the valley floor and then onto the suspended walkway that is attatched into the cliff face above  the river that runs through the Gorge . 

If you look closely at the pic above you can see the metal walkway hanging off the side of the cliff and the village of Alquezar at the top.

The Moorish people were driven out by the Christians a couple of centuries later and the fort was introduced to Christianity . The hill in this part of Spain are dotted everywhere with forts . 

This wonderful chapel is within the fort . 

I also have to mention the food in part of Spain , it is so cheap , it cost 16 euros each for  a three course lunch and 2 euros for wine , so we had …….

Duck Confit and Apple Salad 

Paella , but made with pasta not rice . 

And a yummy Tiramisu ( Spanish version )

All pretty good !

It was well worth the trip , I do like these remote areas of Spain . 

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One thought on “Alquezar

  1. The food looks amazing and those views – wow!

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