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On the Road to Alquezar

We left Pamplona with the plan , as usual, to take the lesser roads and forgo the motorways and freeways.

We can always call on our GPS system in the car to reliably get us to where our final destination is , but we still love to study

our Michelin road map book on Spain , and try to vary our routes via more scenic or possibly more interesting ways to go.

What was to be a two and half hour trip, took us all day . The amount of stops and side trips up village lanes we just couldn’t go past without a closer look.

We traveled into the Aragon region of Spain, in places there was harsh rugged country, this old Castillo just sat out in the landscape

We found more open farmlands along the way, with glimpses north towards the Pyrenees mountains , which are showing signs of winter is coming.

What was to be a the biggest surprise for us was mountain range and these incredible rock formations near a village called Riglos

We sat at a pub just below where this photo was taken. Just sat there having lunch mesmerised by the view before us.

Spain, everyday a bigger surprise than the day before. As we have said to each other many times

Spain, keep moving! Nothing to see here!!!


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