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We have just had three days here in Pamplona and it is such a delight , our hotel is one of the best we have ever stayed in , the staff could never do enough for you and the hotel sat in one of the best spots in town , right on the corner of the Plaza Del Castello .

From our room we had a great view of the length and the breadth of  Plaze De Castellio.

There is a famous cafe across the lane which was apparently frequented by Ernest Hemingway called Cafe Iruna which today is still visited by Pamplonians heading out for breakfast , here we enjoyed the 10am  morning ritual of Hot Chocolate and Churros which was made to order.

We managed to walk this city area from corner to corner . We ran with the bulls ,

Toured the Bull Ring and walked the bull run , but I still can’t help feeling sorry for these creatures even though Im walking there path as a major tourist attraction .

I’m lucky Bruce is there for some comic relief

Pamplona is also a destination on the pilgrimage walk to Santiago De Compostela , so we walked the section that travels through this beautiful city .

Above is the Bridge of La Magdalena which is crossed by pilgrims as they enter Pamplona , and below is the Town Hall which is passed by Pilgrims and Bulls alike.

So our journey continues in an Easterly direction across Spain , so where to next ….

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