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Bilbao , Get it Right 

We just spent a very wet day in Bilbao, eventually we got our pronunciation right , it’s Bilbao ( bill  bough ) . We kept saying Bilbao ( bill bow a ) it’s a big task to get your head around this Basque / Spanish language . 

Anyway  back to today’s travels , we entered the town to be greeted by a torrential thunderstorm , which involved an hour standing in the car park glass exit box until we could even venture out into Bilbao . 

It was then decided that we need an umbrella ( which of course we had left at our B/B ) . So we headed off in the direction of the Guggenheim , which was why we were here . Amazingly as we approached the museum there was our man , selling umbrellas ,so with our colour coordinated new umbrella we were off . 

The Guggenheim was amazing , the building is an impressive building designed by a clever man called Frank Gehry . 

The structure inside and out was fantastic , but the art within was some of the most disappointing I have ever seen . It’s all modern art , video art , or just no art . We had met a lady in Scotland earlier in the trip who said she thinks there just trying to take the piss out of us when you view these works of so called art. I think she was right . The best thing within the building was the coffee. 

We then walked the central and old part of Bilbao which had some beautiful old architecture on display . 

It was a big day , and the rain returned as we left town and headed back to St Payleo where we also discovered the landscape had change in the day . 

What an incredible day we had , such contrast in weather and architecture all in one place . 

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