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Spain, full of Surprises 

We are now 3 days into Spain, its obvious 3 days in Spain doesn’t mean you have seen much of this country.

BUT, what we have seen, in this the Burgos region , less than a days drive from France, tucked in the nor- west corner of 

Spain has surprised us far more than we imagine.

We took a drive from our little village San Peyalo, a village of 14 people, very rural and quite, out towards the coast , about 60 kilometres to Santander. This to our surprise is what we found.  Mountain passes 1350 Mtrs high with scenery that was beyond stunning.

To us the most amazing thing is the total lack of people. This is still the most basic of areas, farmed by very simple old world methods. It is mainly livestock, goats, sheep and cattle. We very often come across a sheep or goat herder with  his dog and flock moving mostly down from the high ground now as snow is in the forecast . It’s just a wonderful thing to see the world has not change in these parts for hundreds of years. Tourism ( except for a couple of Aussie in a red Peugeot) doesn’t seem to have found its way to spoil this area yet.

It’s obvious the 50 seater tour buses don’t attempt this route. We can’t wait for what’s around the corner tomorrow

See you then.    Adios

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One thought on “Spain, full of Surprises 

  1. How wonderful to visit such an unspoiled area.

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