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The life and travels of the Kemp Family

Our first taste of Spain 

We have now crossed the Pyrenees and are staying in a tiny village in Spain called  San Payleo . 

We are here in a very eclectic Casa , nestled in a village of 14 people and I think all are over 50 . I could photograph continually the quirkiness of this place .

Our hosts cooked dinner for us last night , but here in Spain you don’t eat till after 9pm and we had three courses which made for a late night . 

Our first morning started with a walk , and the weather has finally turned quite cold , but it was good to  be back to our morning walk ritual .


The weather was so nice today , clear blue sky’s with a mist in the valley , our hosts suggested we drive to the coast via a mountain pass and what a delight it was . There had been snow falls on the higher peaks last night which only added to the panorama . We really could have just stayed up in the mountains all day , there were so many vistas to take in .

It was then down to the coast to an old Spanish Village called  Santillana del Mar. 

We enjoyed our first Pintos (tapas) experience  here with a great selection of little tasty treats to eat and only 16 euros with a glass of wine each . We were observing everyone else drinking Sidra which is new to us . It’s made of Apples , poured from a great height into a glass , which is placed at an angle for the pour . We gave it a try and Bruce’s observation was “WE ARE DRINKING  HORSE PISS “. I tend to agree. 

Onto the next challenge ! 

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