Manyana Dreaming

The life and travels of the Kemp Family

The Pilgrimage 

We have now had a last day in France for a little while , we have enjoyed the Basque Part of France ,with there lovely green farms and red and white doll houses , beautiful valleys in autumn colour and rivers running along the length of them .

We headed today to St Jean Pied de Port , this is the starting point for the well known pilgrims walk to Santiago de Compostela which traverses across the top of Spain for over 700kms . 

Lucky for us we were not starting that pilgrimage as the rain would not have made it  to comfortable . 

Above is the starting point where people set off across the bridge and follow the sign of St Jacque which is displayed for them  on the ground and on posts along the length of the walk . 

A better choice for us was to go for coffee and what we call  The Cake Of The Day , its something we do when on tour , and today was the Basque Gateau which is a speciality of this region of France . 

Nothing better than a Cafe Olle , and a buttery pastry filled with custard and a glazed pastry top . 

Beats walking in the rain . 

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