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I See Red , I See Red, I See Red 

We are now down in the Basque Country , the scenery has changed because we are entering the area of the Pyrenees Mountains , which is on the French Spanish border . We are staying just out side a small village called St Pee Nivelle in a rural area . 

There is a great love of  the colour red in these parts it is a famous area for growing and drying Pimenton which the Basques use to season there food . 

We travelled to the town of Espelette which is renown for there Pimenton , every shop sell it dried , preserved , added to cheese , and decorating hams , they also decorate there homes with them . 

Bruce and our lovely little Peugeot even managed to dress to suit our landscape . 

It was another big day , and we even managed a ride on the La Rhune Cog Railway to the summit of Mt Rhune so you could see across France , Spain and out to sea .  The rail carriages were also adorned in Red curtains . 

Lucky me Red is my favourite colour. 

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One thought on “I See Red , I See Red, I See Red 

  1. Could the scenery get much brighter than fire engine red! Love it.

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