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Back in the French Countryside

After travelling from the top of Scotland, to the near bottom of France , all over three days and with three time changers ( daylight saving has come in over this period) it was all a bit go there for awhile. Now that we have our car, with 2 klm on the odometer at pick up from Bordeaux, we feel like we are back in quieter environments and settled in holiday mode again.

It’s amazing the lease with Peugeot, I don’t know how they do it, this car is out the showroom waiting for you to drive off. The staff were great helping us understand all the features and the changing all control info to English. So with Margy ann with our ever reliable Michelin map ( 3rd time on tour) we were off. St Emilion was our first stop now for three nights.

This is home now in St Emilion. That’s our apartment top floor on the left. We live above a wine shop. How good is that!!

Margy ann entering our doorway to very steep narrow stairway to the third floor. It was no fun with the bags, god I hate those bags. Lucky I only had to do it once.

Enjoying the classic little streets and lanes that these old towns still revolve around. This was the washerwomans area in the village of old, mind you, we washed many items on arrival in the sink in the kitchen as we had time to dry out our clothing once washed.

All of this area is famous for its red wine. It’s hard to believe the importance it holds in the economy of this region. Vineyards Grow adjacent to the town, not a square inch is wasted.

I would state there is in excess of 30 to 40 wine shops in this village. All selling the same thing ( st Emilion red wine)

The amazing old history of this town goes back to the year 767 and the romans brought the first vines here. It’s been a great day here and we will get out amongst the Bordeaux countryside to discover more tomorrow. Talk again soon, bye

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One thought on “Back in the French Countryside

  1. Just love hearing of your travels and seeing those amazing photos. I can see you are settling in just like a local.

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