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The life and travels of the Kemp Family

Trinity Gask , Perthshire 

In 1803 my maternal great great great grandfather John Reid was born in this part of the world , somewhere  near the Kinkell Bridge in Trinity Gask , 

We decided to detour to this area on the way back to Glasgow ,to spend the afternoon soaking up the history of the area , it’s very rural with rolling hill and small winding roads enclosed with hedgerows lining the curbs , crofters cottages  , pheasants roaming the ground and lots of crops being produced and only one little church in Trinity Gask . 

We did find some very old headstones with the names of Reid Family members , so maybe this is my John Reid’s Family . 

John Reid came to Australia in the mid 1800’s as a free settler and died at the age of 86 in one of the remotest parts of south west Queensland , at place called Wombinderry . 

It feels very satisfying to have experienced his journey , by travelling to his place of birth and his final resting place in outback Australia. 

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One thought on “Trinity Gask , Perthshire 

  1. Interesting history.

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