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Isle of Skye Diary Part 2

This is the second instalment of the sights of Isle of Skye , we’ve been up hills and down in glens , we’ve visited Fairy Pools , Fairy Glens and Old Man Storr , we’ve hiked through rain and mud , have had wet through boots and slipped on rocks , but would do it all again .

There have even been times where I couldn’t  even see where I was going . But the scenery every day just got better and better .

Above are the Fairy Pools that cascade down the Black Cullin Range and into the Glen , the water is a pure as you can get , apparently good for making Whiskey.

Above is a large fairy by a pool . 
Then there is The Old Man of Storr which is a amazing rock formation we hiked up to , it was a three hour hike with incredible scenery  and the mist adds to the mood of this walk . 

And incredibly when we got to the top a man in a kilt appeared in our view . 

What more could you want than to meet up with a Clansman on top of a mountain in Scotland . 

So that my highlights of Skye , there was so much more than you see in this post , it truly is  a beautiful part of the world . 

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