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The Isle Of Skye Diary 

We have been here two full days , and have been hiking and seeing the sights , the weather is challenging and we dodge the showers or should I say horizontal heavy rain , one minute , and then sunshine the next . 

The walk above was to the Neist Lighthouse , we waited a hour before we could get out of the car and had three false starts due to extreme rain and wind , but we endured . At times it was so windy that the water blew out of the puddles and the cliff face water falls blew back up the cliff faces . 

Eventually the sun showed its face and the wind a abated so the challenge was on to get to the light house before the weather turned again. 

Looking at the above pic you would not even think we had experienced the conditions we did . 

It was well worth the effort , this took half a day to see one sight . 

There is no doubt about Scotland , every bend in the road is another phenomenal view , there is a continual Wow look at that , or Wow that’s amazing . 

This country is truly blessed with the best scenery we’ve ever seen . 

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One thought on “The Isle Of Skye Diary 

  1. Loved the rainbow – well captured. It is certainly is a wind swept part of the world.

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