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Travel Trip by Bruce

You know your in Scotland when the mans skirt is shorter then the women’s . After many years of wondering the whole issue of the kilt thing ( regarding why men wear them) I have come to the realisation it’s because is so wet and muddy , they don’t get there trousers dirty

Above is some of the modern farming equipment I have noticed about the isles.

The areas we have visited so far ( Isle of Mull, and the Highlands) farming is purely animals, sheep & cattle. By the way, you save a fortune on fencing, there stock just roam anywhere. You distinguish your stock by spraying bright Fluro colour on there back, pink , blue , red etc

This is our spectacular Ford C Max (whatever that means) a six speed manual desiel that is as exciting as shiting in your hand and clapping. Plus my friendly Avis man was so proud he gave me an upgrade .

Wow , am I lucky. Not only that, he convinced my to pay extra for a Nat Sav to plug in so I won’t get lost, only to find 5 minutes down the road it had a built in Nat sav system. Money back when I get back to Glasgow 

The bonus is the economy is amazing, about 55 mpg, that’s good 

This was a great day, went to sea of the Isle of Mull to and Island called Staffa. It was about, to my guess, about 10-12 Klm ocean trip. I have learnt don’t travel on boats with people from land locked countries. There was about 20 Germans on the boat and not once did I mention the war, yet they nearly all ended up vomiting. They had a great day, I think 

As you can see, we are eating very healthy (note the green salad and peas) plus a pint or too at every pub.

Well I’ll get back to all again soon. Having a ball!  Regards Bruce


They like their Bruce’s here in Scotland, something about there history?

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