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Iona Pilgrimage 

One of the reasons we came to  the Isle of Mull , was to travel to another  small island close by called Iona . We had met a man on a previous trip in 2011 who told us the story of the religious significance of this place . It’s a very small island that was inhabited by St Columba and his monks in 590AD . He apparently introduced Christianity to Britain and wrote the religious book of Kells on Iona .

Above is the crypt which is the final  resting place of St Columba , its that very small section of building above my head . There is apparently very early kings of Britain buried here at Iona as well .

We were also lucky enough to travel out to the island of Staffa on the same day . The conditions were perfect , which apparently is very rare . This island was named by the Vikings and even Sir Joseph Banks visited and named the large cave on the island

Above is our little Staffa wooden boat that squeezed over 60 people onto it . I was worried that somewhere under these 60 odd people there might be life vests if needed. It was the last trip of  the season , winter is coming as they say .

It was Oh So Squeezy ! And a couple of passengers even managed to get sick .

But the trip was well worth it though , the sun came out and shined it lovely face on the island just for us

And what a sight it was , above is Fingal Cave which Joseph Banks named , and to our suprise the boat captain informed us that conditions were safe enough for us to land as well . That was a bonus . We had the opportunity to walk to and enter the cave which does not often happen .

We were pretty pleased that the weather gods were in our favour . To tick all these boxes in one day was rare.

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One thought on “Iona Pilgrimage 

  1. Such a remote part of the world – full of history and so scenic. You were lucky the weather gods smiled on you.

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