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The Peggy Porschen Phenomenon 

We are staying directly opposite this cake phenomenon, as a matter of fact I can sit in my room and view through my French window  the daily happenings in front of this shop called Peggy Porschens . This shop opens at 8am every day and the queue for a table begins, and it continues till the shop closes at 8pm . 

The queue is mostly women dressed for the occasion in something pink in any shade could be pink shoes,  coat , Burka, handbag ect . They then sit after maybe lining up for over an hour or more and then progress to photograph them selves from every angle while waiting for their cake and sipping champagne . 

It’s amazing to watch as an observer. 

Above is the view from our hotel 

We will venture in before we leave , but my cake will be a takeaway in a pretty pink bag which I suppose I will have to photograph and show you all , what it’s all about . 

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One thought on “The Peggy Porschen Phenomenon 

  1. She ie just as beautiful as her cakes.

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