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London in 4 Days 

We are now here in London for 4 days , mainly to continue where we left off on our last visit in 2011. The flight left us with that usual feeling of lagging in time zones , so after a 25 hour trip we hit the pavement on our first day to blow away those cobwebs.

What better way than a quick walk to Buckingham Palace to wake us up 

It was then an early dinner and would you believe bed by 7.30 .

Today has been our first full day and we were off to Greenwich by boat ,along the Thames .

Greenwich is famous for its observatory and its clocks , but for me it was the Queens House on the riverside that I enjoyed most . 

Captain Cook was one of my favourite residents of this house ( he is such a strong looking man ) along with a portrait of Elizabeth the 1st which I now realise I didn’t photograph , also this amazing staircase pictured below with another strong man . 

We also had a stop for our obligatory cake a day with a cup of tea near Trafalgar Square 

Think that was enough for our first full day . It will be another  early night to rest our weary legs and recharge our body batteries. 

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One thought on “London in 4 Days 

  1. Looks like it’s not even raining there!
    In bed at 7.30pm – does that mean you were wide awake at 1am??

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