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Farewell Scotland

We have now left Scotland. What an incredible experience again!

It has an amazing grandeur in the landforms it presents (all be it when not raining or misty ) so you then can see it

We had hope to hike the wilds of Scotland, and we, despite the weather, did exactly that. The reward was always a spectacular wow!! Don’t know how many times we would turn to each other and mouth those words WOW!!!

This was a typical scene across the many long walks. Photo opportunity everywhere 

We are now back in London. Back amongst the bustling thousands. I miss the solitude of those isle of Skye hikes already.

London this morning from our hotel room near st Pancras station ready to travel the Paris. London has turned on the good weather for us

Trinity Gask , Perthshire 

In 1803 my maternal great great great grandfather John Reid was born in this part of the world , somewhere  near the Kinkell Bridge in Trinity Gask , 

We decided to detour to this area on the way back to Glasgow ,to spend the afternoon soaking up the history of the area , it’s very rural with rolling hill and small winding roads enclosed with hedgerows lining the curbs , crofters cottages  , pheasants roaming the ground and lots of crops being produced and only one little church in Trinity Gask . 

We did find some very old headstones with the names of Reid Family members , so maybe this is my John Reid’s Family . 

John Reid came to Australia in the mid 1800’s as a free settler and died at the age of 86 in one of the remotest parts of south west Queensland , at place called Wombinderry . 

It feels very satisfying to have experienced his journey , by travelling to his place of birth and his final resting place in outback Australia. 

Isle of Skye Diary Part 2

This is the second instalment of the sights of Isle of Skye , we’ve been up hills and down in glens , we’ve visited Fairy Pools , Fairy Glens and Old Man Storr , we’ve hiked through rain and mud , have had wet through boots and slipped on rocks , but would do it all again .

There have even been times where I couldn’t  even see where I was going . But the scenery every day just got better and better .

Above are the Fairy Pools that cascade down the Black Cullin Range and into the Glen , the water is a pure as you can get , apparently good for making Whiskey.

Above is a large fairy by a pool . 
Then there is The Old Man of Storr which is a amazing rock formation we hiked up to , it was a three hour hike with incredible scenery  and the mist adds to the mood of this walk . 

And incredibly when we got to the top a man in a kilt appeared in our view . 

What more could you want than to meet up with a Clansman on top of a mountain in Scotland . 

So that my highlights of Skye , there was so much more than you see in this post , it truly is  a beautiful part of the world . 

The Isle Of Skye Diary 

We have been here two full days , and have been hiking and seeing the sights , the weather is challenging and we dodge the showers or should I say horizontal heavy rain , one minute , and then sunshine the next . 

The walk above was to the Neist Lighthouse , we waited a hour before we could get out of the car and had three false starts due to extreme rain and wind , but we endured . At times it was so windy that the water blew out of the puddles and the cliff face water falls blew back up the cliff faces . 

Eventually the sun showed its face and the wind a abated so the challenge was on to get to the light house before the weather turned again. 

Looking at the above pic you would not even think we had experienced the conditions we did . 

It was well worth the effort , this took half a day to see one sight . 

There is no doubt about Scotland , every bend in the road is another phenomenal view , there is a continual Wow look at that , or Wow that’s amazing . 

This country is truly blessed with the best scenery we’ve ever seen . 

Fort William 

We are now the end of a three day stay in Fort William , we were greeted by Joan our host at our B&B and a lovely character she was.

She could not do enough for you , either sorting out dining options or advising us on the best places to go hiking . Joan also served the best porridge with a dash of cream and whiskey . We had a seafood meal down on the pier our first night .

And this fantastic painting above greeted us as we entered for dinner .

We’ve been busy hiking , up Cow Slip Hill ( yes that’s what it’s called ) where we saw deer and then down into Glen Nevis . I think we walked a good 10 kms

Above:  a couple of Wet Walkers ( not white walkers ) coming down into the Glen , and Bruce admiring the view of Ben Nevis the highest mountain in Britain.

Next day we were out in the car exploring the highlands to the west . First stop was Glenfinnan to see the monument to the Jacobite Clans , who lost war against the English in the late 1700’s

Above : The monument with statue of a clansman on top , you can climb this tower internally a share the view with him .

Then  across  the road to view the Glennfinnan Viaduct which was used in the Harry Potter Movies , it was constructed in concrete back in 1897 and is still used today to bring train passengers to the Western Isles .


We are now off t o the Isle Of Skye for 5 days .

Travel Trip by Bruce

You know your in Scotland when the mans skirt is shorter then the women’s . After many years of wondering the whole issue of the kilt thing ( regarding why men wear them) I have come to the realisation it’s because is so wet and muddy , they don’t get there trousers dirty

Above is some of the modern farming equipment I have noticed about the isles.

The areas we have visited so far ( Isle of Mull, and the Highlands) farming is purely animals, sheep & cattle. By the way, you save a fortune on fencing, there stock just roam anywhere. You distinguish your stock by spraying bright Fluro colour on there back, pink , blue , red etc

This is our spectacular Ford C Max (whatever that means) a six speed manual desiel that is as exciting as shiting in your hand and clapping. Plus my friendly Avis man was so proud he gave me an upgrade .

Wow , am I lucky. Not only that, he convinced my to pay extra for a Nat Sav to plug in so I won’t get lost, only to find 5 minutes down the road it had a built in Nat sav system. Money back when I get back to Glasgow 

The bonus is the economy is amazing, about 55 mpg, that’s good 

This was a great day, went to sea of the Isle of Mull to and Island called Staffa. It was about, to my guess, about 10-12 Klm ocean trip. I have learnt don’t travel on boats with people from land locked countries. There was about 20 Germans on the boat and not once did I mention the war, yet they nearly all ended up vomiting. They had a great day, I think 

As you can see, we are eating very healthy (note the green salad and peas) plus a pint or too at every pub.

Well I’ll get back to all again soon. Having a ball!  Regards Bruce


They like their Bruce’s here in Scotland, something about there history?

Iona Pilgrimage 

One of the reasons we came to  the Isle of Mull , was to travel to another  small island close by called Iona . We had met a man on a previous trip in 2011 who told us the story of the religious significance of this place . It’s a very small island that was inhabited by St Columba and his monks in 590AD . He apparently introduced Christianity to Britain and wrote the religious book of Kells on Iona .

Above is the crypt which is the final  resting place of St Columba , its that very small section of building above my head . There is apparently very early kings of Britain buried here at Iona as well .

We were also lucky enough to travel out to the island of Staffa on the same day . The conditions were perfect , which apparently is very rare . This island was named by the Vikings and even Sir Joseph Banks visited and named the large cave on the island

Above is our little Staffa wooden boat that squeezed over 60 people onto it . I was worried that somewhere under these 60 odd people there might be life vests if needed. It was the last trip of  the season , winter is coming as they say .

It was Oh So Squeezy ! And a couple of passengers even managed to get sick .

But the trip was well worth it though , the sun came out and shined it lovely face on the island just for us

And what a sight it was , above is Fingal Cave which Joseph Banks named , and to our suprise the boat captain informed us that conditions were safe enough for us to land as well . That was a bonus . We had the opportunity to walk to and enter the cave which does not often happen .

We were pretty pleased that the weather gods were in our favour . To tick all these boxes in one day was rare.

Isle of Mull 

It’s been a while since posting all due to the lack of internet on the Isle of Mull , we flew from London into Glasgow a few days ago , picked up a hire car and headed to Mull . 

Our first night was spent in Oban , above is Bruce checking out of our B&B , we then went down to the dock to catch our ferry to Mull . 

We enjoyed a dockside breakfast of Cheese and Bacon Toasties and coffee . 

Mull was as I expected , I was told  before leaving home to expect rain and highland mist , and we were greeted by all these conditions , apparently it has rained all summer here and waterfalls can be viewed in no matter what direction you look .

All roads are only one lane with passing bays every so often , so you have to keep your eyes on the road . 

Above is the colourful town of Tobermory,which is the main town on the island . My most favourite thing here though are these guys below . 

So cute I say ! These beautiful Highland Cattle . 

The Peggy Porschen Phenomenon 

We are staying directly opposite this cake phenomenon, as a matter of fact I can sit in my room and view through my French window  the daily happenings in front of this shop called Peggy Porschens . This shop opens at 8am every day and the queue for a table begins, and it continues till the shop closes at 8pm . 

The queue is mostly women dressed for the occasion in something pink in any shade could be pink shoes,  coat , Burka, handbag ect . They then sit after maybe lining up for over an hour or more and then progress to photograph them selves from every angle while waiting for their cake and sipping champagne . 

It’s amazing to watch as an observer. 

Above is the view from our hotel 

We will venture in before we leave , but my cake will be a takeaway in a pretty pink bag which I suppose I will have to photograph and show you all , what it’s all about . 

Join us for a Morning Walk 

We were up early at 6am and went walking to Kensington Palace . 

The objective was to walk around the new Princess Diana Memorial Garden , this new garden is dedicated to her memory . I was told it is a lovely time of day to go there before all the tourists are out of bed  , let me show you around . 

Above is the entrance to Kensington Palace 

And below the beautiful garden 

Then it was back to our neighbourhood via Ottolenghi’s sweet shop . Only took a photo , no cakes before breakfast . Will have to go back . 

We managed all this in a few hours and returned to our hotel for breakfast and then out again to start the day . 

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