Manyana Dreaming

The life and travels of the Kemp Family

Charlotte’s Pass 2017

We have been enjoying this week here in Charlottes Pass . It’s an annual pilgrimage and we always encounter Mother Nature testing us with the weather conditions. This year we have had sunshine , floods , blizzards and winds to contend with , I’ve even managed to incorporate a good old cold into the mix. 

We had one sleepless night due to the flooding of the basement in the lodge and the creek outside the bedroom window has roared all night , Bruce and I manned the pumps at 1.30 am and it was 4.30am before we hade it under control . I have even assisted our chef in the kitchen for a couple of days . We now have a blizzard that has continued for 2 days . So it’s been a few sleepless nights due to weather extremes and  my cold , but the snow has been great for the lovers of fresh powder .

Kim and Jeff are here with us and Kimmy and I have braved all , on our snow shoe walks which are challenging to say the least . 

The View from our Room 

Kimmy and I enjoying the conditions in front of the Chalet . 

Bruce and Jeff making stairs to enter the lodge . 

All in all a great week , plenty of food , drink , good company with plenty of snow . 

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