Manyana Dreaming

The life and travels of the Kemp Family

Hell Hole Gorge

We are now back in the land of communication after three days camping in  a remote camp at Hell Hole Gorge National Park , there are no facilities , four wheel drive only access and no caravans . All this equates to no crowds . We were 70kms west of Adavale ( which was as nearly remote )

The Adavale Pub

We have had three relaxing days here, although Darby and the boys had to change and repair a tyre . There was time to wash dusty bodies and sit and talk around the fire , and no lack of food . Darb even demonstrated  his new found skill in making piklets and I found some time to sketch .

Afternoon Tea   (thanks Darb)

We ventured out on a couple of walks around the rim of this Gorge and as the weather warmed up the flies came along as well. Happy hour was spent enjoying the beauty of this landscape around these waterholes at Hell Hole Gorge . 

The Beauty of Hell Hole Gorge

We are now back on the bitumen, heading East towards Charleville .

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