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Yaraka, End of the Line 

We are off , sharing another camping adventure in outback Queensland with friends .

Destination Yaraka ! 

We have travelled out this way on previous trips but this is the first stay at Yaraka . It’s taken 4 days of driving to get here . We have been to Trundle , Bourke, Cunnamulla, Quilpie, Windorah and finally Yarakah and what a surprising place it is . The hospitality of this tiny town is amazing . The scenery , the pub and the people were all most welcoming , after 4 nights of bush camping we were treated to accomodation in the parking area at the back of the pub , a tour of town and a sunset viewing , followed by dinner at the pub and a listen to the stories told by the locals and guests . 

Bruce enjoying smoko in Cunnamulla, can’t beat a Vanilla Slice . 

Late afternoon walk , Baldy Top Mountain Campsite . Quilpie . 

The sights of Yaraka

Sights from the sunset bus tour

The crew , outside the pub. 

Barefoot Bill , a character and visitor to town . 

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One thought on “Yaraka, End of the Line 

  1. Stunning scenery. It looks like you are having a fabulous time.

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