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Christmas in July 

We shared Christmas in July , camped in a secluded spot between Blackall and Adavale  , Tony provided the Loin of Pork , Barb , the potatoes , Sandra the pumpkin and me , the beans and gravy . A long table was set near the fire and we sat and and waited for our meal to cook in our two camp ovens , we even had the privilege of watching the space station ( not Santa ) fly past just on dark . 

A great meal it was , Tony did it again , and provided a delicious dinner far from anywhere . We ended the evening with warm fruitcake soaked in muscat sherry with long life custard . 

It was so special in this remoteness. Thanks Tony ! 

The Crew , Barb , Tony, Sandra, Bruce, Mak , Darb . 

Hell Hole Gorge

We are now back in the land of communication after three days camping in  a remote camp at Hell Hole Gorge National Park , there are no facilities , four wheel drive only access and no caravans . All this equates to no crowds . We were 70kms west of Adavale ( which was as nearly remote )

The Adavale Pub

We have had three relaxing days here, although Darby and the boys had to change and repair a tyre . There was time to wash dusty bodies and sit and talk around the fire , and no lack of food . Darb even demonstrated  his new found skill in making piklets and I found some time to sketch .

Afternoon Tea   (thanks Darb)

We ventured out on a couple of walks around the rim of this Gorge and as the weather warmed up the flies came along as well. Happy hour was spent enjoying the beauty of this landscape around these waterholes at Hell Hole Gorge . 

The Beauty of Hell Hole Gorge

We are now back on the bitumen, heading East towards Charleville .

Yaraka, End of the Line 

We are off , sharing another camping adventure in outback Queensland with friends .

Destination Yaraka ! 

We have travelled out this way on previous trips but this is the first stay at Yaraka . It’s taken 4 days of driving to get here . We have been to Trundle , Bourke, Cunnamulla, Quilpie, Windorah and finally Yarakah and what a surprising place it is . The hospitality of this tiny town is amazing . The scenery , the pub and the people were all most welcoming , after 4 nights of bush camping we were treated to accomodation in the parking area at the back of the pub , a tour of town and a sunset viewing , followed by dinner at the pub and a listen to the stories told by the locals and guests . 

Bruce enjoying smoko in Cunnamulla, can’t beat a Vanilla Slice . 

Late afternoon walk , Baldy Top Mountain Campsite . Quilpie . 

The sights of Yaraka

Sights from the sunset bus tour

The crew , outside the pub. 

Barefoot Bill , a character and visitor to town . 

Happy 90th , Uncle Blair 

We have just had a quick trip to Foster , the occasion was to help Bruce and Colin’s Uncle Blairs celebrate his 90th Birthday , it was lovely to spend time with Blair and Aunty Ros , and a great night was spent sitting round the table talking of his great life so far and to hear his stories of his childhood and younger days in Oatley , Blair is such a positive person and appreciates every day . Hope we can all learn something from him . He did say that he is grateful for all the women in his life as he would never have achieved this great age without them . 

This is how you can achieve this age , American Style French Toast for breakfast and 5 sugars in your coffee .

Well done Blair , I think Bruce takes after you in appetite. 

Above , Blair , Bruce , Colin and Ros . 


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