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Autumn, Must Do List 

Every Autumn I think we must go back to Bright in NE Victoria . We have had many great holidays over the past 40 years enjoying the autumn experiences of this area.

We took 4 days this week , booked into a B&B and headed south with a detour  via Murrumburra in NSW ,to search a little family history . My great great grandmother  Margaret Carnell is buried in this town , she was 98years old when she died and had three husbands and 10 children in her life time , what an achievement ,it is said she still rode a horse into her 90’s . 

I only found this grave after a bit of research and the inscription was hard to read , but with a sheet of white paper and a pencil  etched across the headstone her name was revealed , I was excited . 

Next stop was Bright , we stayed a little out of town in this fantastic converted Tobacco Kiln , it had the most amazing views across the vineyards to Mt Buffalo and it was situated next to the Murray Valley Rail trail , which we were here to ride . Two days were spent riding and  we covered over 60 Kms . Autumn was on full show.

We were both a little saddle sore by the end of the second day , but enjoyed every minute of this great trail . 

Today is a rest day , maybe travel to a few winery’s and test a few Prosecco’s , have a lunch out .

Below a couple of pic of Mt Buffalo NP the summit was clouded in but it was  still a picture 

This is a lovely area to stay ! 

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One thought on “Autumn, Must Do List 

  1. Beautiful part of the world, particularly in autumn. Loved the video and the sound effects of you riding through all those fallen leaves.

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