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A Family Wedding 

       It’s been a long time between posts , I think about 5 months , but there has been plenty going on, but I suppose not Blog worthy . 

        We don’t have a wedding in the family that often and it’s such a special time .The last on this blog was Matt and Rachel’s ,two years ago ,so here are a few pics of my niece , HOLLYS BIG DAY . The wedding was in Milton on the 3rd of December and what an occasion it was . The weather was perfect , the venue was perfect and we all had the best time . There was lots of eating , drinking and dancing and Ella was asked by Holly to be a flower girl which she handled with style , those who know Ella would realise she was out of her comfort zone but she came through on the day . 

        Our Bride and her party we all beautiful and we thank them all for a lovely day . A big congratulations to Holly & Bryan Hallinan . 


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