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The life and travels of the Kemp Family

Summer in Singapore

Well if you want to escape the cold you can always come here to Singapore , it warm and humid  32c today . 

We have just had two days reliving the Singapore experience , we were here in 1972 and it has really changed since our first visit , not a lot of the old remains but I did catch a pic of the old and new off Orchard Rd . 

I had forgotten how green and how clean this place is , every park, garden and footpath are well manicured.

Yesterday we spent the day exploring the new forshore development of Marina Bay where we visited one of the 2 new glasshouses , we’re saving the other one for another day . It contained plants and flowers from varied climates . 

We then did the tree top walk that goes from one structure to another , these towers are covered with bromeliads and bougainviiers and are illuminated at night in a light show . 

The building in the background is a hotel , very upmarket . We are yet to go up to it’s rooftop garden . 

Today we walked the length of Orchard Rd . The hotel we stayed in back in 1972 still stands but with a different name  , mind you it still had the same doorman ( he had aged but so have we )

Lunch for me today was a little Japanese experience , Very Nice ! 

Now back to the hotel for some R&R 

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