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Pilgrimage to Wombinderry the Land of the Buntamarra 

We have just returned from our trip to  Country NSW and the Channel Country of Coopers Creek in South West Qld .

We were off to chase some of my family history and with information in hand we first headed South West to the small NSW town of Galong in search of my Great Great Grandmothers home . Her name was Margaret Carnell she married three times and had 10 children  . After enquiring at the local post office in Galong ,I was thrilled to learn her home was still standing . The property is called Campsie Park and was built in the 1890,s  my great great grandmother died here in 1934 . The house is constructed of rammed earth and is being renovated at the moment by the lady in the picture , what a find ! 

From here we headed north up through Northern NSW and into South Western Queensland , our objective was to find where my Great Great Great Grandfather was buried (Margarets father ) , his name was John Reid , he travelled with the Duracks and Costello’s  of Kings in Grass Castles Fame ,in the 1860’s and settled and died at a place called Wombinderry on Coopers Creek  in 1886 , he was 86 when he died . 

Today the sight is on a 570.000 hectare cattle station called Keeroongooloo and Wombinderry is Waterhole situated on the property . The station is just below Windorah .

We met the manager of the station David Cross,  he drew us a mud map on the tray of his ute and we headed off across the property , travelling over 40kms ,through many gates and past many bores, the open flood plain  were a sight to behold and the cattle and wildlife thrived on the tall grasses of these plains .  We camped in solitude among the Brahmans , Roo’s and Flies , and it is still today very remote and I  had feeling of what it would have been like in the 1800’s . These pioneer’s were incredible people . 

We were told there is nothing remaining there of this past life , as all would be washed away in floods but it was great to sit and feel the land and it people. We took a wrong turn and never found the waterhole , So will have to go back another time . 

This land was home to the aboriginal tribe known as the Buntamara and is still as beautiful as I’m sure it was back then . 

Thankyou to Bruce , my driver and companion in this adventure ,and Jess for her vocal barking at Cows and her great skill of treaking with me across the red landscape 

It was well worth going and we will return again ,maybe there is some relic still out there . 

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3 thoughts on “Pilgrimage to Wombinderry the Land of the Buntamarra 

  1. I loved reading this blog. The house of your great great grandmother was absolutely beautiful and to see it still standing after all these years – amazing.

    Jess looked very happy trotting along. Looks like everyone had a fabulous trip.

  2. Wow! What state are you in? NSW or elsewhere? Glad Jess has had a holiday too xoxo

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