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Last Day in Singapore

We are sitting here now waiting to go to the airport for our trip home . The weather is so warm maybe around 34c , but the humidity is through the roof . 

There has been a lot of eating and drinking , in hawkers markets , every type of rice , seafood ,curry,chicken , not so much alcohol , it is so expensive in this part of the word

There was some Tiger Beer to drink and iced lemon tea for us girls but we did finish our last night here with a trip to the Long Bar at Raffles for the Singapore Sling and it was as good as always 

So may I say “Thankyou Singapore ” you met our expectations , a touch of Asia with class . 

And “Thankyou Mr Hendricks ” who we shared happy hour with , after a hot sticky day out and about 

One Day in Batam 

We left Singapore for a day trip to Batam which is about a 45 minute boat trip across to Indonesia.

The mission was to see the final results of a golf course that Darby was building , 25 years ago . We could not get over the contrast between these two countries ( Singapore and Batam ) even though they are so close together . 

Above is more of the outstanding architecture that can be viewed as you leave Singapore by boat , but I must say we were all disappointed with the island of Batam . The golf course had never achieved its expectation , the towns and people were struggling to make a living and rubbish was everywhere . 

A reality check for us , we have it all . How lucky are we !!!


Lunch shared with our taxi driver in Batam . Chili Pepper Crab , Fried Fish , Butter Prawns , mixed vegetables for me . 

Out and About Singapore Style 

It’s been a busy few day , we have walked and walked , crisscrossed this city via the train network , and eaten our way around the streets , we end each day exhausted and the feet are suffering , but the enthusiasm is still there .

We spent a hot humid day at the botanical gardens , Bruce is pictured below admiring the Heleconias

Maybe the heat is getting to him .

The orchids were a sight to behold , every colour ,shape and size imaginable.

It was then on to the Gardens by the Bay to see the Cloud Forest under the Glass Dome , it was pleasing to get into the cooling mist after a long humid day , this dome contains a large waterfall and a giant vertical garden in its centre.

From here it was back to the Marina Bay Sands Hotel for happy ,happy hour ! Although the feet weren’t happy at all . We caught the lift up 57 floors , to the top of this three towered mega structure with ,what looks like a boat on top of it , for a cocktail or two , the drink and a seat were much needed . The top of this building has two bars an observation deck and a swimming pool of course , all floating 57 floors above the ground .

Another Great Day had by all .

Summer in Singapore

Well if you want to escape the cold you can always come here to Singapore , it warm and humid  32c today . 

We have just had two days reliving the Singapore experience , we were here in 1972 and it has really changed since our first visit , not a lot of the old remains but I did catch a pic of the old and new off Orchard Rd . 

I had forgotten how green and how clean this place is , every park, garden and footpath are well manicured.

Yesterday we spent the day exploring the new forshore development of Marina Bay where we visited one of the 2 new glasshouses , we’re saving the other one for another day . It contained plants and flowers from varied climates . 

We then did the tree top walk that goes from one structure to another , these towers are covered with bromeliads and bougainviiers and are illuminated at night in a light show . 

The building in the background is a hotel , very upmarket . We are yet to go up to it’s rooftop garden . 

Today we walked the length of Orchard Rd . The hotel we stayed in back in 1972 still stands but with a different name  , mind you it still had the same doorman ( he had aged but so have we )

Lunch for me today was a little Japanese experience , Very Nice ! 

Now back to the hotel for some R&R 

Pilgrimage to Wombinderry the Land of the Buntamarra 

We have just returned from our trip to  Country NSW and the Channel Country of Coopers Creek in South West Qld .

We were off to chase some of my family history and with information in hand we first headed South West to the small NSW town of Galong in search of my Great Great Grandmothers home . Her name was Margaret Carnell she married three times and had 10 children  . After enquiring at the local post office in Galong ,I was thrilled to learn her home was still standing . The property is called Campsie Park and was built in the 1890,s  my great great grandmother died here in 1934 . The house is constructed of rammed earth and is being renovated at the moment by the lady in the picture , what a find ! 

From here we headed north up through Northern NSW and into South Western Queensland , our objective was to find where my Great Great Great Grandfather was buried (Margarets father ) , his name was John Reid , he travelled with the Duracks and Costello’s  of Kings in Grass Castles Fame ,in the 1860’s and settled and died at a place called Wombinderry on Coopers Creek  in 1886 , he was 86 when he died . 

Today the sight is on a 570.000 hectare cattle station called Keeroongooloo and Wombinderry is Waterhole situated on the property . The station is just below Windorah .

We met the manager of the station David Cross,  he drew us a mud map on the tray of his ute and we headed off across the property , travelling over 40kms ,through many gates and past many bores, the open flood plain  were a sight to behold and the cattle and wildlife thrived on the tall grasses of these plains .  We camped in solitude among the Brahmans , Roo’s and Flies , and it is still today very remote and I  had feeling of what it would have been like in the 1800’s . These pioneer’s were incredible people . 

We were told there is nothing remaining there of this past life , as all would be washed away in floods but it was great to sit and feel the land and it people. We took a wrong turn and never found the waterhole , So will have to go back another time . 

This land was home to the aboriginal tribe known as the Buntamara and is still as beautiful as I’m sure it was back then . 

Thankyou to Bruce , my driver and companion in this adventure ,and Jess for her vocal barking at Cows and her great skill of treaking with me across the red landscape 

It was well worth going and we will return again ,maybe there is some relic still out there . 

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