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A week in the snow

We have had a full week of skiing so far and Ella has had a little burn out! She decided today was rest day, and the snow field can have a day without her. She had a relaxed day with Nan and they walked the shops and played spot the items on the map. Ella loves maps, and the resort village has a printed map showing all the buildings and points of interest. So with pen in hand she went about the village ,ticking off all the items that were shown on the map. The remaining troup went off to Mt Morrisey and had a great day skiing.

No green runs for Jack now. Great fun that he can ski all but the steepest runs now with confidence and control.

We again feel like we have our own private ski runs and chairlift to ourselves . There is no one around mid week and we are not complaining.

Jack, James & Nat move onto the Mt Morrisey quad chair. No Disneyland type queuing here!,,,

I really don’t know how they make it pay sometimes. 

On this Mt Morrisey  ( one of the three mountains that make up Sun Peaks ) there is a run that has a series of trees that people have decorated, Jack claimed he counted ten on the ride up the chairlift. They are mostly decorated in Christmas balls and tinsel etc. 

It feels like Christmas when you get days like this

This week up on Mt Todd they are running a F I S  World Cup down hill Velosity Challenge . Watched a few skiers come down on practice runs and they go a bit too fast for my liking on skis ( 160+kph). That’s quick. Unfortunately an ambulance helicopter  arrived over our apartment late in the afternoon to air lift a skier who lost control on the run and wasn’t in the best of conditions. 


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