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A Day to Remember

I think the smile says it all. A morning of fresh snow, sunshine, and Sun Peaks almost to ourselves. A day to remember. The first few hours Margy Ann ,Pop & Jack skied Mt Morrisey until morning tea and then the Cattleys went out and carved the mountain to pieces. Ella & Nan return for a break back in the residence . Ella has finally worked out the snow plough and is starting to master the gentle giant ski run.( more photos to follow)

Ella also enjoying the hot chocolate and goodies that come after a few hours skiing. She asks after every run, can I have a hot chocolate now???

James, Natalie and Jack enjoy the great snow and sunshine

Natalie after telling Jack to be careful ,  starts finding jumps and obstacles to add a bit of spice to her runs.

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One thought on “A Day to Remember

  1. How good does that look, for spring skiing.
    It’s good to hear Ella is staying on the groom runs.

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