Manyana Dreaming

The life and travels of the Kemp Family

Sunpeaks Holiday, with Family 

Disneyland is over , and we have had a trip up here to Sunpeaks for part 2 of the trip . 

Matt , Rachel and family have gone onto Las Vegas , Natalie , James , Jack and Ella have come with us for 10 days skiing at Sunpeaks . 

Yesterday was a transport day , it was an early start at 4am in LA , a flight to Vancouver and a car trip up to Sunpeaks . After a good nights sleep we tackled the Ski Hire to get prepared for skiing . 


 That completed it was time to get out there and get the kids skiing , Jack was great and never gave up even though there were a few challenges ( Poma and Chairlift ) 

Ella was full of confidence but soon realised it was not that easy and a few tears were shed , we purked her up wth an offer of stopping for morning tea at our favourite Coffee Shop , pictured below she is enjoying the Blueberry Scone .


Jack tackled the Magic Carpet , the Poma ,then the Chairlift 
   While Ella relaxed and watched from the side line 
Day One ended with a visit to the Chocolate Shop for dessert 


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