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Snowy Morning

We woke up this morning to lovely soft snowflakes falling onto our ski road outside our house. So, much excitement and anticipation ,as we headed out into a colder day and up the chair.


Jack had his first powder experience , and stacked with a face plant into the snow


Ella handled the conditions well, the new harness helped reduce her chances of a run away dare devil episode.
We skied until we all agreed a hot chocolate and berry scone from Boloccos Cafe was deserved. It was SO good


I know I have taken this photo every year we have been here, but there is always something appealing about the snow covered bridge and the snow on the pines. It’s a well used bridge as we traverse through it to the other ski mountain Mt Morrisey


Saturday SunPeaks

Our first full day off skiing was met with sunny and very pleasant conditions.

As I expected, Jack has taken to skiing like a duck to water, admittedly there was a few tears the first one or two attempts on the first day, but now his ability improves by the hour. We got out on the snow early, and it was worth it. Very uncrowded and the 7klm long green beginners run was groomed to perfection just for us. There had been a light snowfall through the night up higher and is was like skiing on cream . Smiles around.
Margy ann and Jack heading across to 5 mile in a beautiful setting.

It’s nice to have such a huge area to cruise and learn with no one in the way. Jack by now was showing nan how to do it.

Ella was into it all. This photo isn’t exactly how she is handling this skiing caper, she can’t quite understand what or how to snowplough. Pizza, Spagettie just doesn’t work. At one stage, she took this stance and took off downhill at a rapid pace. James took off after her and she was heading for a serious drop off at the side of the run. Things didn’t look good and Natalie’s holiday was heading for a disaster, as both daughter and husband were heading at high speed towards what could not be a good result. Some instinct clicked in and Ella bailed out, falling at quite some speed luckily a mound of snow on the side stopped her, but no such luck for James as his speed to catch Ella couldn’t be stopped in time and over the steep edge into the snow covered pines. It took some time to excavate him from the scene and luckily no one hurt.

Gotta love a day like this on the snow

Sunpeaks Holiday, with Family 

Disneyland is over , and we have had a trip up here to Sunpeaks for part 2 of the trip . 

Matt , Rachel and family have gone onto Las Vegas , Natalie , James , Jack and Ella have come with us for 10 days skiing at Sunpeaks . 

Yesterday was a transport day , it was an early start at 4am in LA , a flight to Vancouver and a car trip up to Sunpeaks . After a good nights sleep we tackled the Ski Hire to get prepared for skiing . 


 That completed it was time to get out there and get the kids skiing , Jack was great and never gave up even though there were a few challenges ( Poma and Chairlift ) 

Ella was full of confidence but soon realised it was not that easy and a few tears were shed , we purked her up wth an offer of stopping for morning tea at our favourite Coffee Shop , pictured below she is enjoying the Blueberry Scone .


Jack tackled the Magic Carpet , the Poma ,then the Chairlift 
   While Ella relaxed and watched from the side line 
Day One ended with a visit to the Chocolate Shop for dessert 


Disneyland Adventure 

We have all had the opportunity to share a  few days in Disneyland . Our entorage consisted the whole clan , eleven in total , the crowds and the amount of time we had to spend in lines was unbelievable ,the kids were all so patient , it could be a logistic nightmare but Bruce has a famous saying “More Teflon , less Velcro ” and we achieved it .

A great time had by all , ” Thanks Guys ”

Ella got to meet a lot of her hero’s , she was always on the lookout for Pluto , Goofey , Kylo Wren

Jack got to experience Star Wars , Splash Mountain , Cars World and meet Chewbacca , and have Waffles for breakfast .


Natalie , Matt and Rachel got to relive memories and a few tears were shed at certain attractions that have been forever in their minds , Matt and Rachel got to bring there family to share in what they had enjoyed in earlier times. James got to experience what we have always talked about .










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