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Last Day in Sunpeaks

Well, that’s all folks!!!!!
We finish with a whimper more than a roar.
The weather has conspired to flatten our excitement , rain and warm weather.
We have had considering the conditions, still many hours of good skiing?
But Canadian British Columbia interior fluffy dry powder (it sure not ) ,we have about one third of the mountain , all areas above 1800 mtrs high in good conditions , yet anything under that, it just turns to slush of glug through the day.

Jeff checking his ski app, at one of those great areas above 1800 mtrs that always stays freezing and snowy.

The higher part of the mountain has had its drawback with bad visibility , but every now and then , the cloud lifts, the light comes good and we score a great run. The worst possible conditions here still rate better than what we consider a great day at home

Kimmy is very excited about another fantastic morning tea at Bolaccos.
Everyday we ski back to meet here for the best hot choccy, coffee and selected tasty delights. Thank you Conrad & Elizabeth for your excellent products

From our window as we are about to head out for last nights drinks.
Vancouver here we come.

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2 thoughts on “Last Day in Sunpeaks

  1. on said:

    Sorry to hear abpout the not so good conditions….i’m not a tecko person, but what does a ski app do??

    • A ski app.
      Unbelievable , on your I phone , go to the App Store and for $2 purchase ski tracks
      It show everything. You every run , your total distance, speed average , top speed, the degree of slope , total elevation and more and more.
      Every ski run area in the world.
      It is endless what you can do.
      Just put your phone in your pocket and go .
      So much info, it’s fun.

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