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Spring Has Sprung in Silver Star

It’s well and truly warm here in Silver Star , the conditions are challenging at times , but after 2 days of skiing we’ve worked out where to go to avoid the worst of it , hopefully there will be more snow on the horizon , so it has been morning skiing and late afternoon runs , a bit of walking, eating or ice skating in the middle of the day ,

We apparently have the best of it up here because down in Vernon , our closest town they haven’t seen the sun for weeks . the locals come up just to take in the sun .

Below a picture of Jeff and I above the clouds of Vernon , looks like a lake below us .


Next a touch of what you can do , Ice Skating or tube riding .


Or you can partake in some village life



Lets hope conditions improve !

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One thought on “Spring Has Sprung in Silver Star

  1. on said:

    Sorry to hear about your warm weather. Hopefully next resort will be snowier. Our weather is fine now after some days of rain. Cool sw winds nearly like late autumn early winter,due to a east coast low off tassie. no humidity lots of blankets on bed, kids going to school in winter clothes. we are nearly confirming a Japan trip next january…want to come? lots of snow!!!!!!!!!!!

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