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Another Day of Sunshine in Canada

Well, what a great day. We rose early a got the bus down the mountain to the nearest town, Vernon.


On the bus drivers recommendations , we had breakfast at Ricks!!!!!
You can imagine, one of those low fat, high fibre breakfasts.
Very yum.



We bought a pair snowshoes and a few other items , before our return back to Silverstar and our afternoon skiing. Kim donned her new snowshoes and set off into the backwoods with a guide host to Lake View cabin.
Skiing was good in slightly cooler sunny conditions. All the time the township of Vernon sits under a blanket of fog and cloud.


The village has a nice feel at night


The good news is snow and colder temps are on the way.
So that there’s no embarrassment to Margy Ann I have been told to claim Bruce compiled this blog.

Spring Has Sprung in Silver Star

It’s well and truly warm here in Silver Star , the conditions are challenging at times , but after 2 days of skiing we’ve worked out where to go to avoid the worst of it , hopefully there will be more snow on the horizon , so it has been morning skiing and late afternoon runs , a bit of walking, eating or ice skating in the middle of the day ,

We apparently have the best of it up here because down in Vernon , our closest town they haven’t seen the sun for weeks . the locals come up just to take in the sun .

Below a picture of Jeff and I above the clouds of Vernon , looks like a lake below us .


Next a touch of what you can do , Ice Skating or tube riding .


Or you can partake in some village life



Lets hope conditions improve !

Holiday Dining, Manyana Style

Matt and Rachael bought us back a surprise from there morning walk , fresh pipis , the challenge was how to cook them , Rachael’s suggestion was steamed and dipped in vinegar , NZ style , but we ended up with , pipis steamed with white wine , garlic and chillies

Verdict !

Not to bad , Jack enjoyed them , we all thought they were good , but maybe next time a little less sand will make them better . Have to google how to get rid of the sand .


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