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Oh ! Xmas Tree Oh ! Xmas Tree

We had a lovely morning with Jack and Ella in Oatley Park this morning , it made my day when I found this Xmas Bush decorated with White Cockatoos , a true Australian Xmas .


After a morning of swings , see saws , steam rollers , slippery dips and other adventures , we needed to head to the local deli for coffee and Nuttela Twists . Must say , Jack enjoyed it .


All patched Up

Following Bruce’s surfboard axe attack on Wednesday , we have had a busy two days , surgery was performed last night , results were nerve to the thumb damaged ,muscle damage , tendons nicked , feeling sad and sorry this morning . He is now home .

Doctor is pleased all repairs completed and recovery time required to mend this wound .

Surf won’t be up for a while .


Good Day , turned Bad

We are now experiencing the ramifications of another Bruce Adventure.

Lovely morning yesterday , trying out a few demo boards , see below .


But the fun went wrong , we now have a deep fin chop to the right hand and are heading off to St Luke’s hospital now for hand surgery , never know what the day will bring .


Ho Hum !!!

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